Why join?

Globe-jotters brings together in one community the major actors in the air travel industry: airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports and their technical and commercial partners such as the security companies or shops and restaurants. It also includes the most important element of this community: you the consumer – the international travelling “Globejotter”.

The website is totally unique as no other service includes both individual consumers and professionals from all corners of the air travel industry and globe.

It is easy to use so you can find the relevant information for you… The topics are categorised by country, sector (airline, airport, accommodation etc.) and date.

  • The “community” function enables others to comment, not only other travellers but also the companies being praised or challenged in the discussions.
  • The “site-search” function also enables you to find topics that are relevant to a specific company, country or sector.
  • The “survey” service enables industry leaders to seek your input on how they can improve their service offer.

Make an impact...

Just as Indian civil rights and freedom fighter Gandhi wrote, “Be the change you want for this world”, you can “write the change” to make it right – or better at least. With the unique reach among both the key decision makers in the travel industry and among thousands of travellers and potential customers of the companies you write about, Globe-jotters gives you the opportunity to make a real impact.

When you write a letter of complaint or commendation to the management of a travel company, you may receive a polite response or an unsatisfactory reply and seldom does it make any difference. With the Globe-jotters community, your comments are read and heeded thanks to the interactive group discussion forum.

Tiny details make the difference...

It may be that the trip was near perfect, all but for that one niggling moment which no customer feedback form ever mentions. Don’t limit yourself...

You may wish to write about the endless trip around the airport car park to find an unfindable space which added to your stress and took all the pleasure out of the airport experience, or your appreciation for the child-friendly stores that gave you peace of mind while you browsed around the shops, or the delight at finding a charging point under every seat so you can work throughout the flight.
Whatever the situation, you can let the airport car park and shop management, the airline and even the aircraft manufacturer know what you think so they can either improve or ensure they keep up the good work!

Stuck for words?

We also enable you to tell your story through simple survey questions so you can rate and assess certain aspects of your travels without having to write your comments publicly. You are given the opportunity to share your views on specific discussion themes that are of interest to tourists and business travellers.

Be empowered... and empower others:

Globe-jotters empowers you as a travel influencer and trend setter. It is also your opportunity to write the change, improve the future of travel AND make a difference by empowering others...

By becoming a member of the world’s most influential travel think tank you will also be writing a better future for children in developing countries. For every new member of the Globe-jotters travel community, we make a donation to child education and nutrition projects. For more information, please refer to our “Write the change” section at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to welcoming you into the community.

Write the change

For every member of Globe-jotters.com, 1$/ year is donated to improving the lives of children in developing countries through educational and nutrition projects.

The organisations supported include:

World Vision (Construction of a shelter and support for abused girls in Cambodia)

Lotus Flower (Construction of a school for homeless children in India)

Millennium Relief & Development Services (Construction of the girls dormitory of a school for homeless children in India)